The Compass

On your life journey, as you make your decision every day as to what type of a person you’re going to be, I offer you a compass to guide you make choices that are in alignment with your best interest, to establish your identity as your best version of yourself and the most beneficial to everyone.

The Compass: from the north I offer you the direction of Love. Many of your decisions will be choices between love and fear. Use the compass north direction always, choose love every time. If you wonder if the brain should override the heart’s direction of compassion, the compass is there to guide you back to love.

From the south I offer you the direction of Trust. There are many people in your life that you have learned to trust, and you know how it feels to trust. But, most importantly now, to take responsibility for your decisions, you must trust the voice of your heart. So listen always to the intuitions and inspirations that live in your own heart.

From the east I offer you the direction of Joy. When ready to make a choice, always pay attention to the attraction of joy. This will help you make some of your immediate choices regarding what direction to take next. Pursue the joyful roads and goals, you are able to do that because you also have trust.

From the west I offer you the direction of Compassion. Have compassion to others who don’t take responsibility of their choices and want you to be the same way; but most of all, use compassion in your life to forgive, because a heavy heart is hard to hear. So keep your heart light with compassion.

You are now initiated with the knowledge of the compass, may your hearts voice be honored.

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