Our Purpose

DISRA is a collective whose purpose is assisting the healing of the sacred relationship with the ancient inner sources, and reunification with all dimensions of the sacred worlds.


Medicine ceremonies in individual and group settings for physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, and soul related healing and reconnection – remembrance

Meet the Team

We are a loving group of individuals dedicated to restoring harmony to the Earth and all her children. We, just like everyone else, have been touched by hardship, love, beauty, despair, forgetfulness, peace, and Truth - we are your brothers and sisters.

Tony the Shaman 1b

Tony Gaspar

Medicine man


Sam Metri

Shamanic Arts


Bassem Metri



Ashley Bloom

Herbs and crystals


Theresa Metri


Come join us

Please contact us below and join our newsletter for the latest ceremony schedule, and to participate with us in these sacred ceremonies. Also take a look at the blog for more information on ceremonies for specific occasions.