A Simple Powerful New Moon Ceremony

During the new moon cycle (about two nights before new moon until two nights after the new moon) we are encouraged to perform ceremonies, especially those focused on seeding change. For this dream-seeding ceremony, you will need a small crystal, rock, bead, or any other small object that appeals to your senses.

To start, you can do this alone, or with family and friends, please be in a quiet space and a comfortable position, maybe with a candle and some incense to help you bring all your attention to a calm state. Take a few deep breaths through the nose: start by exhaling all the air in your lungs and lower stomach, hold for a sec, then take a deep inhale. Hold for a sec, then take your time as you exhale all the air again. Hold for a sec and repeat a few times. Deep inhale, hold, deep exhale, hold.

The crystal is going to hold for you the vibration, the energy, the attitude, and most importantly the feeling and consciousness of your vision, your dream. Your dream and vision is the change you want to see take place. For the purpose of this ceremony, keep the vision about you and your circumstances and relationships. For our example here, let’s imagine your highest vision of your self. Take some time and imagine a you that does not carry the old and outworn stuff - relationships, circumstances, conditions, and voices.

You are steeping, totally engulfing your imagination and attention, into the fullness of you. You are free to be fully who you are, and to express fully who you are. Play with this until you start feeling it. With this feeling in your consciousness, hold the crystal in-between both of your hands in a prayer position, exhale all the air, hold, take a deep inhale and hold. While your holding, you are holding your vision in your heart area, now exhale from your mouth, blowing the air into the crystal fully. If possible, kiss the crystal to seal the deal.

So now the crystal is charged and holds your vision energetically. You will need to place the crystal outdoors, preferably where it’s exposed to the moon and sun light. Your vision and dream is now seeded into the source code of Form. In the future, as you pass the crystal or rock, know that it pulses out with your vision to the universe and the universe is friendly to you and is designed for your highest goodness. Be at peace.

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