Sacred Medicine Ceremonies

Sacred Medicine Ceremonies are offered in group and one-on-one settings and usually are scheduled around Moon and Sun cycles. All medicine ceremonies are sourced from the PMT Mesa (Pachakuti Mesa Tradition)

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Services to Individuals

Individuals who are interested in utilizing shamanic and energy healing methods to address physical, emotional, spiritual, mental and soul related disharmonies are welcomed to attend healing ceremonies

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Services to Organizations

Groups interested in utilizing shamanic and energy healing methods to address team coherence, establishing a common ground relationship with the natural world, or new inspirations for future projects are welcomed to attend group healing ceremonies

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DISRA is a non-profit organization dedicated to ancient and indigenous ceremonies and to the anchoring and expression of sacred relationships with Nature to bring wholeness to individuals, organizations, society, and areas where separation and forgetfulness has taken place.

Our purpose is assisting the healing of the sacred relationship with the ancient inner sources, and reunification with all dimensions of the sacred worlds. DISRA collective experience includes the following:

  • Medicine ceremonies in individual and group settings for physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, and soul related healing and reconnection – remembrance
  • Energy healing modalities include shamanic practices, Reiki healing, charged crystals, herbs, music, and vibration transference
  • Journey locations are areas and places which carry naturally benevolent energies conducive to the intended healing
  • We also offer nightly group discussion of shamanic and higher consciousness related subjects



Come join us

Please contact us below and join our newsletter for the latest ceremony schedule, and to participate with us in these sacred ceremonies. Also take a look at the blog for more information on ceremonies for specific occasions.